Make a gift of solidarity!

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Still looking for a gift for Valentine's Day?

Make a gift of solidarity! - Spenden amplaz Schenken

Make a loved one happy with a donation to SOS Children's Village Luxembourg! For Valentine's Day, communion or a birthday ... Share your joy and solidarity with your loved ones by giving them a gift in the form of a personalised certificate.

Your advantages :

  • You receive a personalised certificate to give to a loved one
  • You make people happy twice with a gift of solidarity
  • You make your friends and family aware of the projects of SOS Children's Village Luxembourg
  • You support each child and young person by helping us to finance our specific aid measures (animal-assisted teaching, art therapy, music therapy) 

To offer a gift of solidarity, visit our website: Make a donation - SOS Kannerduerf

  • Enter your contact details, 
  • Choose the language and form of the personalised certificate, 
  • Complete the transaction and get your certificate in paper or digital form.

Celebrate the holidays and multiply the joy! 

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