Our pedagogical approach


"Everything good in the world happens because someone does more than they should.
Hermann Gmeiner, founder of SOS Children's Villages International

Appreciation, participation and transparency are important cornerstones for successful cooperation in the interests of children. A clearly structured, protected living environment and the establishment of lasting and reliable relationships are an important prerequisite.

Based on the following values, we aim to achieve positive changes for children, young people and their families.

CHILD: Every child is unique and respected.

We respect the individual potential of children and guide and accompany them on their way to becoming independent and active members of society. We are committed to respecting the rights and freedoms of the child and promoting self-efficacy.

REFEREE: Every child needs a loving and reliable reference person.

We ensure that children can establish a reliable relationship with a reference person, based on love, respect and security.

FAMILY: Every child grows up in a supportive family.

We help families stay together. If children cannot grow up in their family of origin, we offer them the opportunity to form lasting bonds in a safe alternative environment (family or institutional). In this way, we ensure that siblings are not separated.

COMMUNITY: Every child is part of a community that protects and supports them.

We support families and health professionals to create a positive and supportive environment for children and young people to thrive. We follow a participatory approach and encourage dialogue with all stakeholders. 

SUSTAINABILITY: Every child has the right to a healthy life in a healthy world.

We are committed to a sustainable world and promote sustainability awareness in our organisation (UN Sustainable Development Goals SDGs).

COURAGE: We take action.

The children's needs inspire us to develop innovative concepts.

RESPONSIBILITY: We keep our promises.

We make a long-term commitment to children and the communities in which they live, providing quality support to encourage them to succeed in life.

RELIABILITY: We are strong partners.

Our greatest responsibility is to consistently deliver quality care. We are accountable to children, communities, partners, donors and contributors.

Our fundamental approach

  • We consider the consequences of trauma and experience and focus on resources and resilience with an understanding and participatory attitude (trauma pedagogy).
  • We offer stability and relationships.
  • We pay attention to mental and physical health.
  • We create opportunities for the future.
  • We respect the particularities of young people and live diversity.
  • We embrace young people and give them a voice, encouraging their engagement.
  • We offer quality and act in a sustainable way.
  • We cultivate a respectful and participatory culture of friendliness and act with professional competence.
  • We are convincing role models.
  • We stand by our strong roots and innovate with audacity.
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