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SOS Kannerduerf Lëtzebuerg is your partner for regional commitment!

SOS Kannerduerf Lëtzebuerg supports more than 440 children, adolescents and parents in difficult life situations at 12 locations. As the need for help is constantly growing, SOS Kannerduerf Lëtzebuerg needs strong partners.

"If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go with others." - African proverb

For companies and associations, there are many ways to become active and socially involved together with us - for example, with a one-time donation or a lasting commitment as part of a long-term partnership.

Our 7 prioritized Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

EN-SDG-Block reduziert hoch

All the activities of the Lëtzebuerger Kannerduerf Foundation revolve around its central mission, which is to contribute to creating the necessary conditions for every child to grow up in a stable, safe and caring environment. To analyze these activities in terms of sustainability becomes an obvious necessity, because to want to create a sustainable impact is to make a commitment to the future of all children and young people, and especially to those we accompany.

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