Residential care for children and youth

Being at home

In the SOS Children's Village in Mersch, 5 living groups offer children and young people a stable, family-like temporary or long-term home. The main objective of the care is to provide each child with a protective, stimulating and nurturing environment and to support and accompany them in all important areas of their development.

In case of a need for intensive and therapeutic care, children from the age of 6 years onwards can be accommodated in a special residential group for this purpose at "House 6" for a limited period of time. Taking into account aspects of trauma pedagogy, a highly ritualised and therapeutic daily routine provides important impulses for stabilisation, resource promotion and coping with traumatic experiences.

Wherever possible and appropriate, the work of the educational teams aims to reintegrate the children into their families in the medium to long term. This requires intensive cooperation with the parents and, where appropriate, other family members.


Corinne BINGEN, Responsable
Maison 4

4, rue Hermann Gmeiner
L-7534 Mersch
T. 26 32 07 36 
E. corinne.bingen(at)

Anne BLAISE, Responsable
Maison 5

5, rue Hermann Gmeiner
L-7534 Mersch
T. 32 85 97
E. anne.blaise(at)

Carmen CHRISTOPHIE, Responsable
Maison 11

11, rue H. Gmeiner
L-7534 Mersch
T. 32 85 96
E. carmen.christophe(at)

Tomy DA SILVA, Responsable
Maison 12

12, rue Hermann Gmeiner
L-7534 Mersch
T. 32 93 14
E. tomy.dasilva(at)

Claudia SCHWINN, Responsable
Maison 6

6, rue Hermann Gmeiner
L-7534 Mersch
T. 32 89 97
E. claudia.schwinn(at)

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