Vocational training centre

Being well-grounded

The pre-vocational training project is aimed at young people who are experiencing educational failure. Its pedagogy combines the assimilation of social skills with the learning of practical craft or household skills. The aim of this project is to help them make the transition to active working life.

The young people we care for often find the transition from the protective and structured environment of the SOS home/family to independent living particularly difficult, as they cannot rely on the networks and resources their peers may have access to.

SOS Children's Village Luxembourg has developed ways to ensure an accompanied transition to independence. This process of empowerment is already being prepared, together with the young person, while he/she is still living in residential care.

The aim is to equip young people with the skills and confidence they need to realise their potential and take responsibility for themselves. Professionally, we offer them individualised support to help them with their studies or vocational training, or to integrate into the labour market.

The main objective of this support measure, which is aimed at young people from the age of 16 who have abandoned school, is to acquire basic skills in certain professional fields (crafts, agriculture, animal care, household management, shop management), as well as to develop social skills (motivation to work, perseverance and mutual respect). The organisation of practical training courses is intended to facilitate the transition to working life.


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