External SOS Children's Village family

What is a short-term SOS Children's Villages family?

Being a temporary mother, father or parent

Two children, mainly infants, can be placed temporarily (up to 6 months) in an external  SOS Children's Village family on a short-term basis, based on a court decision or voluntary placement. During this period, the pedagogical team clarifies with the family concerned, the child and the professionals involved whether the child can return to his or her family or whether a permanent placement, and if so, what type, will be necessary.

The pedagogical team

A qualified educator provides a private living environment. This activity is subject to the rules of the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth for the authorisation to run a foster family and must be approved and monitored as such (Agrément). This person is a permanent member of the staff of the Lëtzebuerger Kannerduerf Foundation and works together with a socio-educational facilitator. 

The short-term SOS Children's Village family can be supported in daily life (education, housework) by a family assistant. The number of hours depends on the number of children.

Which children are accepted?

Priority is given to children under 3 years of age. They are the youngest child of the SOS Children's Village family in the short term if there are biological children living in the family. The admission of older children or adolescents is possible on a case by case basis, if the appropriate conditions are met.

What are the objectives of short-term placement?

Although separation seems to be a necessary measure for the well-being of the child, it represents an enormous stressful situation, especially for young children, often linked to a traumatic experience. A family environment as a "place of protection and safety", with a firm and empathetic caregiver, is the best way to counteract the initial negative effects of separation. The possibility of a return to the family or other perspectives (long-term SOS Children's Village family, foster family, residential group) is developed. Previous positive relationships with parents or others should be maintained and nurtured. Short-term placement can provide crisis intervention, time out or relief in individual cases.

What support does the SOS Children's Village SOS family receive on a short-term basis?

  • Employment contract (one-year fixed-term contract with the possibility of a permanent contract at a later date), appropriate remuneration.
  • Allocation for the child
  • Child's room, car seat, etc.
  • Participation in all costs related to the children
  • Support staff
  • Ongoing training
  • Supervision
  • Days off, holidays (During a max. 1 week occupation, otherwise possible between admissions or with the children)

Job profile :

  • 100% position.
  • Full professional training as an educator, qualified nurse or social worker.
  • Minimum age 25 years
  • Suitable living situation / residence in Luxembourg
  • Driving licence, suitable personal car
  • PC skills 2 official languages (B2) can be practiced
  • Experience and pleasure in dealing with people with problems
  • Good management of the particular situation of the temporary relationship being able to offer children a loving and structured home for a short period of time
  • Good self-reflection and observation skills
  • openness and flexibility
  • Willingness to take in a child quickly in an emergency situation
  • Experience in dealing with young children
  • Good personal psycho-hygiene
  • Willingness and ability of family members to deal positively with the impact of acute care on their private lives.
  • Appropriate accommodation for staff members

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