Become a foster family

What is foster care?
Full-time placement of a child in a foster family.

A foster family offers a stable and safe place to a child who, for various reasons, is not able to live with his or her biological parents at the moment.  It is often the judge who decides to place a child in a foster family, sometimes it is the parents themselves who want their child to be cared for likewise. The duration of a child's stay in foster care is difficult to predict: even taking all circumstances into account, children may stay in foster care longer than expected.
Even taking all circumstances into account, children may stay in foster care longer than expected, often beyond the age of 18, until they become independent.

Support for the foster family and the family 

It is important for us to respect the children's original relationship with their parents. As carers and co-caregivers, we therefore do our utmost to maintain contact and visits between the parents and the children. Discussions between parents, foster parents and carers help to overcome emerging problems and to find a common line in the upbringing of foster children.

What does it mean to be a foster child?

Children often react emotionally and physically to this extraordinary situation. They need understanding, support, patience and time to feel safe and to get used to the new situation. It is not uncommon for there to be uncertainty about their own future, especially if the child has already experienced many disappointments. Many children are insecure because they do not know what is expected of them.
When fostering children, especially older children, foster parents need to be prepared for the fact that these children have been shaped in their behaviour and attitudes by their previous lives and that they cannot change their behaviour and habits overnight.

Who can become a foster family?

There is no such thing as a foster family. Rather, it can be assumed that very different people can be good foster parents. We are looking for families who are happy to provide a warm and protective home for children. We are looking for people who are aware of their own limitations and insecurities, who are willing to learn from each other's experiences and to talk together about their problems and feelings.

Prerequisites include:

Warmth: a child needs to feel welcome, wanted, cared for and 'safe'.
Tolerance: foster children and their parents want to be accepted as they are, not as we would like them to be.
Patience: children often need a lot of time to trust.
Reasonableness: parenting also means always being able to make considered decisions.
Empathy: towards the child and the biological parents.
Skills: willingness to learn and therefore to deal with the topic of 'trauma' in a concrete way in order to provide the best possible care for the child.

Perhaps you should also ask yourself the following questions:

Are we prepared to encourage the child's contact with his or her biological parents?
Can we cope with the fact that our adopted child does not accept the separation from his or her parents or accepts it only with great difficulty?
 Are we aware that a foster child may have very different needs from our own children?
 Do we want to share the educational responsibility with the service and the biological parents?
Are we willing to reintegrate our foster child into his or her family of origin, provided that the personal situation of the biological parents has stabilised, even if we have grown to love him or her and a separation hurts?

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